APINI 1.4.4 for Windows 10


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APINI is a Web 2.0 portal system for managing projects and the collection and exchange of information. APINI can shorten the time of implementation of projects, increase efficiency, improve communication, and knowledge retention in companies. Project Management module enables comprehensive management of the projects implemented by the company. Features and functionality - A single, integrated system to manage all projects in the company. - Ability to manage a portfolio of projects and their implementation. - Management of any structure of division of labor (work breakdown structure), and project schedule taking into account the phases, milestones and tasks. - Ability to quickly control the progress of the tasks in the project. - Time and attendance of employees (timesheets) in the project, broken down into individual tasks. - Full integration of human resource management module (eg access to the current load of individual employees when assigning tasks). - Monitoring the implementation of the business objectives of the project. - Managing Change in projects. - Risk management and problems (issues) project. - Monitor the project budget. - Automatic generation of periodic reports. - Integrated design repository, including all documents and technical management. - Compatibility with PMI, PRINCE2 and balanced scorecard project (project balance scorecard). Information Management The functional information management module includes Knowledge Base, Document Library and Portal. Their primary function is: - Collection of articles and documents. - Facilitate access to information and improve communication within the company. Features and functionality - Portals for quick access to important company information. - Distribution of articles, documents and notification of changes and new versions (e-mail, instant messaging, RSS feeds). - Simple and transparent procedure for circulation and approval of articles and documents. - Versioning and approval of documents - allows insight into the history of documents and their dates of validity. - Supports any type of document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice, etc.) along with the indexing of content. - The hierarchical structure of articles and documents with access rights. - Simple and efficient search mechanism (filtering, search text, prompts, etc.). - Clear presentation of search results. - Ability to attach any file attachments to each of the articles and documents (such as audio, video). - Articles and documents publicly - accessible without logging on, for example, visitors to the company, trainees, etc. Languages: APINI has a multilingual user interface in Polish, English and German. Additional locations are available upon request. Hardware and software requirements: The client side Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Opera 8, Chrome 5 or higher (compatibility provided on a regular basis). Compatibility with other browsers (such as Safari) is reviewed periodically. Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris and IBM AIX (compliance provided on a regular basis). APINI installation is possible on any system supporting Java version 1.6 or higher (for example, AS/400, FreeBSD, MacOS X). Databases: Oracle 9i (including Express Editions), MySQL 5 or higher (compatibility provided on a regular basis). APINI installation is possible on any database supports ANSI SQL and JDBC. Compatibility with other database systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and PostgreSQL is tested periodically.